Winter Boxes



  • Smaller ½” holes in box, and cover. Partition has 5/8” holes.
  • Size 24 x 18 x 6. Partition creates four 9 x 12” quadrants.
  • Body design allows for superior stacking strength. 56 hole perforations with 16 completely punched out. Allows you to adjust amount of airflow by punching some or all of the 40 other holes.
  • Cover design has 32 hole perforations with 16 completely punched out, allows you to adjust ventilation, depending on temperature with the remaining 16 holes.
  • Ideal for truck, USPS and air freight shipping.
  • When stacking, 8 points of contact between layers allow for proper ventilation, which leads to a high survivability rate.
  • Minimum order of 250 complete box sets. F.O.B Milwaukee.
  • Seasonal availability. Boxes weigh 2 pounds each.